US Seniors May Qualify For Massive Discounts On Brand New Walk-in Baths Using New Financial Aids & Benefits

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Hundreds of thousands of seniors have already gotten their brand new walk-in tubs this year.

Since 2020, there has been a bathroom remodeling boom. Thanks to the generous USDA Rural Repair & Rehabilitation1 program and veterans benefits2.

There’s now a website where seniors can go to instantly check which benefits they may qualify for, see which
walk-in tub model & supplier is the highest rated in their neighborhood.

The Walk-in Tubs For Seniors website has helped thousands of seniors see if they may qualify for up to $10 000 in grants for brand new walk-in tubs, often with $0 down and installation within 1 week.

Some requirements apply:

1. Must be at least 50 years of age or older

2. Must be own the home where the walk-in tub will be installed

3. Must live in an eligible ZIP code    

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